News & Events

2021, October 19, Nicosia. Our contribution to Digital Agenda - Cyprus Summit, Panel: New Cities design and connectivity.


2021, October 13 - 14, Limassol. Our contribution to Reflect Festival: Doers United, Panel: Design our Way Back: A Novel Perspective Towards Pursuing Sustainability. 


2021, August 31 - September 02. Our contribution to European Network for Housing Research, ENHR 2021, Unsettled Settlements: Housing in Unstable Contexts, Nicosia. "Plenary II - Housing the Displacedand "Plenary IV - Housing Policy Transformations". 


2021, July, 26-30. Our contribution was entitled "Multidisciplinary methodologies and approaches in spatial research. Creative mixed methodsin EU-CONEXUS PhD Summer School Professional and Scientific Communication and Networking in Multidisciplinary Environment, Zadar, Croatia.

2021, July, 7-9. Taking part in the Third World Conference of the Society of Urban Ecology at Poznan. Our presentation about affordable housing and densification policies on July 8th, 14:45-16:15.

2021, May, 19. Lora Nicolaou leading a Break Out Session at Rapid Transit and Urban Recovery Confirmation - Academy of Urbanism Webinar.


2021, March, 4. Our report on Pafos Cathedral at the city municipal garden.


2021, January, 29. Our contribution to "EU CONNEXUS for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability".

2021, January, 4. Our contribution to "Post pandemic housing for youth in Cyprus".

2020, October, 3. Our contribution to the Cyprus Forum for smart and attractive cities.


2020, July, 6.  The Minister of Transport was found on the spot on Nikos Pattihi Street for the issue of the median. Reportage on our street design proposals.

2020, April, 25.  Faced with our reasonable (public) space. Our opinion on about COVID19 and urban design challenges in Cyprus. 


2019, November. Our co-authored paper “How are cities planning to respond to climate change? Assessment of local climate plans from 885 cities in the EU-28” takes José María Sarriegi Major Catastrophe Research Award by Fundación Aon España.

2019, June, 24-29. Smart and inclusive human settlements, reconciling past with future, Pre-Organised Special Session in Changing Cities IV Conference, Chania, Greece.

2019, April, 12. Frederick University and Technion Israel Institute of Technology are cooperating for developing cities of tomorrow, Review on our Erasmus Seminar from

2018, December, 19. Myths about shopping street design, Review on our Shopping Streets Report from Reporter.

2018, December, 17. War for central reservation in Pafos, Review on our Shopping Streets Report from Phileleftheros.


2018, December,14. CYPRUS: Where does Limassol development go from hereOur opinion on Financial Mirror.

2018, October, 19. CYPRUS: Mushrooming Limassol towers are 'unsustainable', Our opinion on Financial Mirror.


2018, April, 5. COnstructing PUblic Space- COPUS 2017, Workshop material on the website of the National Technical University of Athens -  Urban Planning Research Lab.

2018, April, 1. Pyrgos Fragile and Unspoiled. Green coast prior to development, Workshop material on the website of the National Technical University of Athens -  Urban Planning Research Lab.

2018, January, 27. Challenges of urban development in Cyprus. Public projects and high rise buildings, Joint Seminar with the MSc in Urban Design of the University of Malta, hosted by POAK.

2018, January, 17. Social housing and housing policy reform, our contribution to the Housing Europe event in Nicosia.

2017, October, 18. Constructing Public Space, Review on our workshop from CyprusNews.